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Child Theme

A Child Theme is specifically for developers who are willing to make changes to the critical functions and codes. If you do not intend to go that far, you can always ignore this lesson or chapter.


If you want to edit the templates and functions of a theme, we always advise you to incorporate or install ‘Child Theme’ and make changes therein. To know more about the need and purpose of creating child theme, visit WordPress Codex on:

In the theme package, you will see materials required for Child Theme. It’s found in the “uphome-child.zip” archive. You can install child theme in a similar way as you install main theme.

A handful of recommendations on how to use Child Theme:

In the child theme, almost all files from main theme can be replaced. It doesn’t concern or affect only .php-files with templates and basic logics, but also .js and .css files from respective files and folders with images, icons etc..

If you are thinking about changing some functions of the theme or adding new ones, you have to create file ‘functions.php’ in the “ryse-child” folder, and add all requisite functions into it. If our WordPress theme has functions with such names, they will be replaced by yours, if not – your functions will complete the logics of our theme.


If you are thinking of replacing some functions from other files (except functions.php), we highly recommend you, NOT to copy-paste respective files into the child theme, but instead create the respective functions in functions.php in the child theme. This should be strictly implemented, so that while updating them, new functions from these files are available for use.

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